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Expatriates say that moving abroad is one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime. Our Global Mobility Consultants will organize the pre-move consultation to explain the entire process including packing service, storage, transit, customs clearance, and delivery of personal belongings in the new home.

The pre-move consultation

During the Pre-move Consultation, our Consultants will visit your employees at home to determine the volume of property your expatriates intend to ship by sea, road or airfreight. 

Our Consultants will help to choose the service delivery that best meets your employee’s needs:

  • Packing & Loading
  • Transit, transportation and storage options
  • Special requirements for pets, antiques, vehicles, fragile items, etc.
  • Transit Protection
  • Explain what to expect when they arrive at their new destination and answer all questions. Together, they will choose and schedule packing and loading day(s).