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Our crews will arrive at a date and time agreed. On arrival, the crew supervisor will introduce themselves, and will confirm all the details that were discussed during the pre-move consultation. The supervisor will prepare an inventory of each packed item, for example “carton of china”. This will be signed by him and the employee as a receipt for the belongings being shipped.

  • Keeping the possessions safe: The success of any move is built on the quality of the packing. Inhouse Mobility uses only the highest quality and most innovative packing materials which provide maximum protection and security.
  • Wrapping: On overseas moves, we use padded bubble-wrap, and a range of other specialist packing materials, to protect the personal household goods during transit.
  • Custom-made cartons: We have a range of custom-made containers and boxes for fragile or bulky items, for example:
    • Mattress cartons to protect the shape of the mattresses and keep them clean
    • Hanging wardrobe cartons to transport clothes like suites, skirts or shirts upright, stop them from creasing
    • Wooden china crates to keep fragile items safe
    • Over-sized cartons to transport chairs, standing lamps, lamp shaded, golf clubs or bicycles.
  • Specialised materials: We pack silverware in acid-free paper to stop it from tarnishing. We also place silica gel and absorbapoles – which absorb moisture, preventing damp and mildew – into shipment travelling to humid destinations.