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Relocation to New York City, USA


We’ve often heard of New Your City as a huge melting pot. I prefer to think of the city as a perfect salad bowl. Where every ingredient keeps the integrity of its flavor, texture and color. Where you can build the perfect bite with a little bit of everything OR enjoy each element in its’ own right.

New York features people from all walks of life, culture, ethnicity and class. Every square inch of this island hosts visitors and residents from around the world. It has a heart that beats and a pace that never sleeps! Filled with opportunity for anyone who would have it, it has always been the port that welcomed new comers to the United States. It continues in that tradition today.

Filled with a growing and busy financial center, it also houses the latest in fashion. Known worldwide for its’ music and the magic of Broadway theatre. It is also home to small intimate playhouses where dreams are designed and displayed. There is shopping on every street and street corner. You can find authentic ethnic cuisine in fine dining establishments and with some of the best street vendors on the planet. This city literally has something for every appetite.

Housing options in the city proper and throughout the Burroughs feature unique structures and solutions. Space is a commodity in the city of 8 million residents. You will find redefined living spaces and spacious luxury apartments on the same block. Just like the city’s population make up, its rental market features diversity and choice.

According to’s October article on Trends & Data, this is a great time for rentals in some of New York’s best neighborhoods. With a trend towards moving existing inventory at slightly lower rates, you will find housing options a bit more affordable in once untouchable areas.

With rents in the $2200 to $3800 per month base price range many more options exist in all five of these arears of Manhattan and Brooklyn.



  • CARNEGIE HILL features doormen staffed apartment living and caters to a more sophisticated palate. Surprisingly this area has seen the same decline in prices as the listing time rises. Another great place for a good negotiator to find a style for a steal!
  • BROOKLYN HEIGHTS is on the higher end of the price spectrum. It features however the most family friendly environment. Complete with many private schools and a local private tennis and squash club. The lingering listings may be a great place for a good negotiator to really find a bargain.
  • WINDSOR TERRACE is close to the train and offers a small town feel in the big city. It has less commercial buildings and establishments. Instead it features more locally owned shops and restaurants.
  • PROSPECT HEIGHTS is full of growth with tall buildings going in but features fantastic ground level options for renters with its garden level apartments. This Brooklyn neighborhood hosts more upscale dining, shopping and entertainment.
  • LENOX HILL rounds out the list. Just a bit north of Carnegie Hill. It is the very top of the list in terms of price. But this historic upper east side district neighborhood is perfect for single executives and those with small families.

Rest assured whatever you are looking for can be found in New York!

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