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[Translate to Deutsch:] Relocation to Munich

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[Translate to Deutsch:] Munich is the largest city in Germany’s State Bavaria.

It has a population of more than 1,5 million inhabitants. The city is divided into 25 city districts (Stadtbezirke). Before the administrative reform in 1992 it has been divided into 41 city districts.

In the following text Munich’s 25 city districts will be explained a bit. Every district has a number, starting in the city center and then spreading to the rest. You can find information about the average rental price per m² (01.11.2016), some historic information as well as some general information about each district.

This should help you to get an overview about the city and to get to know the different parts. It might be easier to make a decision of where you want to live after having read this.


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[Translate to Deutsch:] City districts of Munich

Allach-Untermenzing (Nr. 23) 

  • Allach (average rental price 13,34 € / m²): rural structure with Allacher Forst as recreational area on the one side and one of the most important industry quarters of Munich on the other side
  • Historical town center with some farms and old single family houses, idyllic atmosphere
  • Untermenzing (average rental price 16 € / m²): popular living area, many green spots, historical town center, idyllic atmosphere
  • Many single-family houses with gardens

Altstadt-Lehel (Nr. 1)

  • Altstadt (average rental price 23,38 € / m²): city center of Munich, many restaurants, bars and cafés, shops and tourist attractions
  • Apartments are quite rare and expensive, no car is needed because of good possibilities for public transport, parking spaces very rare
  • Lehel (average rental price 20,91 € / m²): Englischer Garten is one of the most known parks in the world, Eisbach popular spot for surfers
  • One of the most beautiful parts of Munich, great architecture
  • High quality of living, but also high rents

Aubing-Lochhausen-Langwied (Nr. 22)

  • Aubing (average rental price 14,27 € / m²): Historical town center, rural atmosphere, popular recreational area
  • Popular with families because it’s quite affordable and quiet, but it doesn’t take long to get to the city center
  • Some urban character because of the Wohnhaus Ramses, a high rise building with many apartments
  • Lochhausen (average rental price 13,18 € / m²): popular with people who prefer rural and idyllic living, still many farms
  • No high rise buildings, rather single-family houses and terraced houses, popular with families with children because houses with gardens are still affordable and there’s a good public transport connection into the city center anyway
  • Langwied: beautiful nature, lakes Langwieder See and Lußsee, many green spots and forests, rural and idyllic atmosphere
  • Many single-family houses and old farms, popular with families with children

Au-Haidhausen (Nr. 5)

  • Au (average rental price 19,97 € / m²): one of the most popular areas to live, close to the city center, but still not that hectic
  • Famous fairs: Starkbieranstich am Nockerberg and Auer Dulten
  • Haidhausen (average rental price 19,88 € / m²): many cafés, bars and restaurants
  • Many leisure opportunities and cultural offers make it to one of the most popular living areas in Munich

Berg am Laim (Nr. 14)

  • (average rental price 15,36 € / m²)
  • Many housing blocks, but still a little bit of the earlier rural character in the town center
  • In the eastern part mostly single-family houses
  • Close to the city center, very good public transport connection
  • Kultfabrik for partying, many clubs, bars and restaurants, one of the biggest party miles in Europe

Bogenhausen (Nr. 13)

  • (average rental price 18,61 € / m²)
  • Very diverse part of Munich, luxurious villas, but also housing blocks, high-rise buildings, business complexes and big green spots
  • Nice leisure facilities like Cosimabad, Prinzregentenbad or Prinzregentenstation

Feldmoching-Hasenbergl (Nr. 24)

  • Feldmoching (average rental price 15,45 € / m²): one of the most rural parts of Munich
  • Three lakes “Dreiseenplatte”: Feldmochinger See, Fasanieriesee, Lerchenauer See, popular for swimming in the summer, great leisure facilities
  • Still a rural and historic town center
  • Ludwigsfeld: very multicultural living area
  • Hasenbergl (average rental price 15,44 € / m²): actually better than its reputation, social flashpoint for a long time, but now it is a popular living area for families - Still many housing blocks, but also nice green and recreational areas
  • Many playgrounds

Hadern (Nr. 20)

  • (average rental price 16,57 € / m²)
  • Living area with big housing blocks on the one side and nice single-family houses on the other side
  • Klinikum Großhadern = biggest hospital in Munich
  • Many new apartment blocks arounf Haderner Stern
  • Waldfriedhof = biggest cemetery of Munich

Laim (Nr. 25)

  • (average rental price 16,73 € / m²)
  • Many different parts, big buildings close to Landsberger Straße, idyllic single-family houses in the Villenkolonie Schlosspark Laim or the rural character around Laimer Anger
  • Especially the area Villenkolonie Schlosspark Laim with its single-family and terraced houses with gardens is very popular with families with children

Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt (Nr. 2)

  • Ludwigsvorstadt (average rental price 20,93 € / m²): main railway station, Oktoberfest or Klinikviertel, really diverse part of Munich
  • Many Turkish people opened cafés and restaurants, therefore a part is named Klein-Istanbul
  • Contrast to the very hectic area around the main railway station is the Klinikviertel with the university hospital and other institutes
  • Theresienwiese is the place where the famous Oktoberfest, Tollwood and Frühlingsfest take place
  • Isarvorstadt (average rental price 20,93 € / m²): very trendy, very colourful, multicultural, tolerant and alive, homosexual scene
  • Many bars, restaurants and cafés, good nightlife
  • Popular living area but still rising rent prices

Maxvorstadt (Nr. 3)

  • (average rental price 20,80 € / m²)
  • Worth seeing because of its architecture and culture
  • Many museums and Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität + Technische Universität
  • Very open, tolerant, alive and active
  • Many cafés, bars, restaurants
  • Very crowded during the day because of many students and many people who work here
  • Most of the inhabitants are between 20 and 30 years old, not many children under 15 or old people Milbertshofen

Am Hart (Nr. 11)

  • Milbertshofen (average rental price 17,56 € / m²): known for Olympia, Olympiapark, Olympiastadion, Olympisches Dorf
  • Headquarter of BMW
  • Mix of students, young families and older people
  • Many big apartments blocks
  • Nice green areas: Olympiapark and Petuelpark
  • Am Hart (average rental price 14,21 € / m²): only living area, very popular with families with children
  • Many employees from BMW live here
  • Single-family houses, apartment blocks, one student residence and some social housing

München-Moosach (Nr. 10)

  • (average rental price 16,66 € / m²)
  • Olympiaeinkaufszentrum = big shopping center
  • „Uptown München“ = second highest building in Munich
  • Borstei = name of a really nice apartment complex with 77 terraced houses with 770 apartments, many trees, gardens, statues, sculptures and a café
  • Very popular because of closeness to the city center and really good public transport connections
  • High rise buildings as well as single-family and terraced houses

Neuhausen-Nymphenburg (Nr. 9)

  • Neuhausen (average rental price 17,96 € / m²): many bars and restaurants, rather quiet, high quality of living
  • Magnificent living and business houses
  • Many green spots, many trees
  • Nymphenburg (average rental price 20,42 € / m²): rater quiet, high leisure quality because of its parks and green areas, popular with its inhabitants as well as tourists
  • Magnificent buildings

Obergiesing (Nr. 17)

  • (average rental price 17,06 € / m²)
  • Popular living area, different buildings, single-family houses as well as apartment blocks
  • Rather affordable compared to other districts that are close to the center

Pasing-Obermenzing (Nr. 21)

  • Pasing (average rental price 15,18 € / m²): Very alive, many shopping facilities, Pasing Arcaden = big shopping center
  • Villenviertel I and II, magnificent villas and unique houses, one of Munich’s most beautiful living areas
  • Also apartment buildings
  • Obermenzing (average rental price 16,16 € / m²): very attractive part of Munich, beautiful villas, high quality of living, one of Munich’s most beautiful living areas
  • In the town center you can see some old rural structures

Ramersdorf-Perlach (Nr. 16)

  • Ramersdorf (average rental price 17,36 € / m²): nice residential areas but also social living, historic town center
  • Perlach (average rental price 15,02 € / m²): three parts:
  • Altperlach = historic town center, some old houses, rural structure,
  • Waldperlach = many weekend houses in the earlier times, changed to permanent residences, many single-family houses
  • Neuperlach = many high-rise buildings and apartment blocks were built here, 50.000 inhabitants live in this part

Schwabing-Freimann (Nr. 12)

  • Schwabing (average rental price 21,85 € / m²): many bars, cafés, restaurants, many leisure facilities, Englischer Garten good for relaxing, running or taking your dog for a walk
  • Leopoldstraße: one of the most famous streets in Munich, many shops, restaurants, bars, cafés, public viewing during the soccer world cup, fan mile for soccer events
  • Freimann (average rental price 15,12 € / m²): Allianz Arena, soccer stadium of FC Bayern München, part of Englischer Garten is in Freimann located. Studentenstadt: biggest student living area in Germany, 14 houses with 2.500 rooms for students - Mixture of industry and living area

Schwabing-West (Nr. 4)

  • (average rental price 19,98 € / m²)
  • Famous places like Kurfürstenplatz, Hohenzollernplatz, Elisabethplatz
  • Luitpoldpark = very nice park
  • Many small cafés and bars
  • Very popular living area, many old buildings with high ceilings

Schwanthalerhöhe (Nr. 8)

  • (average rental price 17,10 € / m²)
  • Dense population, modern buildings with nice green areas
  • Bavaria park and some other small parks
  • Georg-Freundorfer-Platz won the price for Germany’s best playground

Sendling (Nr. 6)

  • (average rental price 17,05 € / m²) - Flaucher: part of the river Isar were you can go swimming
  • Großmarkthalle: third biggest place for buying vegetables/food/flowers in Europe, no sale for private people
  • Dense population

Sendling-Westpark (Nr. 7)

  • (average rental price 16,23 € / m²)
  • Westpark = one of the most beautiful green areas in Munich, many playgrounds, several lakes
  • No historic town center, many apartment blocks, also areas with single- or two-family houses
  • Audi-Dome: Home of FC Bayern basketballers

Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln (Nr. 19)

  • Thalkirchen (average rental price 19 € / m²): high leisure quality, many swimming possibilities, much nature
  • Obersendling (average rental price 16,92 € / m²): characterized by Siemens, in the meantime it’s changing from business area to living area, many high rise buildings and apartment blocks, very special architecture, popular because of closeness to the city center and to the river Isar
  • Forstenried (average rental price 15,02 € / m²): historic town center, Forstenrieder Park with more than 43km of cycle paths and hiking trails, many old buildings in the center, apartment blocks, but also single-family houses, very popular with families because of closeness city center and quiet living though
  • Fürstenried (average rental price 14,86 € / m²): living area, many apartment blocks but also some small single-family houses, popular with families, close to the center and good public transport connection
  • Solln (average rental price 16,05 € / m²): highest part of Munich, town center = rather rural, Ludwigs- and Wilhelmshöhe = area with nice villas (one of the most beautiful areas in Munich), Parkstadt = bigger apartment blocks

Trudering-Riem (Nr. 15)

  • Trudering (average rental price 15,24 € / m²): Truderinger Wald = nice recreational area, biggest forest in Munich
  • Rural structures still visible, many single-family houses but also many apartment blocks
  • Cultural really active, traditions are being kept
  • Riem (average rental price 15,19 € / m²): Galopprennbahn, Hofbräu-Brauerei, Riemer Park, Riem-Arcaden
  • Popular area to live, around 111 nations live here
  • Messestadt (exhibition city) and residential area at once

Untergiesing-Harlaching (Nr. 18)

  • Untergiesing (average rental price 16,67 € / m²): home of the soccer club TSV 1860 München
  • Many relaxing facilities
  • Has been a working-class district in the earlier years, still many simple apartment blocks that are very close together, nowadays it’s a popular area to live
  • Many bars, restaurants and café
  • Harlaching (average rental price 16,48 € / m²): elegant und quiet area to live, many villas and single-family houses
  • Many green spots
  • Tierpark Hellabrunn, training area of the soccer club FC Bayern München


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