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Relocation to Berlin

City districts of Berlin

Bezirk Berlin Mitte: (average rental price 14 € / m²)

  • New center of Berlin since the reunification in 1990
  • Place for many young companies, agencies and also exclusive shops
  • Berlin Mitte is the origin of Berlin with a lot of sights and landmarks (Fernsehturm, Potsdamer Platz, “Unter den Linden”, Brandenburger Tor)
  • Central place in Berlin Mitte is the Alexanderplatz (City Ost)
  • Primarily creative people live in this popular area
  • A lot of opportunities for leisure time (bars, discos, restaurants, etc.) around Oranienburger Straße
  • Political center of Berlin and Germany with the Reichstag, where the members of parliament work
  • Wedding: district for workers; here you can find the original Berlin (average rental price 9,67 € / m²)
  • Tiergarten: parks, nature and green places (average rental price 9 € / m²)

Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg:

  • Divided in two areas: Friedrichshain (east) and Kreuzberg (west)
  • Friedrichshain: (average rental price 12,25 € / m²)
  • Until 1989: district for workers and industry
  • Today: district for families and successful creative people
  • Families with higher budget, students and artists live here
  • Great place for nightlife with a lot of bars, cafes and Kiez (which is the German word for party area), restaurants and shops
  • This district is popular with tourists
  • Very good infrastructure, vivid and in motion
  • Kreuzberg: (average rental price 10 € / m²)
  • Until 1990 Kreuzberg was the edge of West-Berlin, now it’s central
  • Many Turkish immigrants live here selling doner, fruits and vegetables
  • Typical “MyFest” at 1st of May
  • More than 180 nationalities live here in a peaceful atmosphere
  • Famous for his beautiful city-parks: Görlitzer Park and Viktoriapark
  • A well-known sight in this area is the “Checkpoint Charlie”

Bezirk Pankow:

  • Divided in Berlin-Pankow, Weißensee und Prenzlauer Berg
  • Pankow: (average rental price 10,25 € / m²)
  • Intellectual suburb of Berlin
  • Many intellectual people and VIPs live in this district
  • Area with big and stylish houses, not many single-apartments, natural elements with a lot of green places, near to the lakes in Brandenburg
  • The political and artistic elite of the German Democratic Republic lived here, “normal” people were excluded
  • Today the situation is similar: mostly intellectual and prominent people
  • Famous sight: Schloss Schönhausen
  • Weißensee: (average rental price 8,70 € / m²)
  • Provincial area of Berlin, more quiet than the center
  • A lot of students from the art academy live here
  • Apartments in old houses and dwellings in houses developments
  • Many parks (e.g. Weißenseer Park with open air bath), nature and protected landscape (Am Faulen See)
  • Prenzlauer Berg: (average rental price 12 € / m²)
  • Called “Prenzlberg” by Berlin citizens
  • Mostly well-to-do people live here
  • Popular with students, artists and alternative live forms
  • Also popular with tourists because of the bars, restaurants, cafes and the nightlife (Kollwitzplatz and Helmholzplatz)
  • Multicultural area: mostly French, American and Hispanic immigrants
  • Old buildings in Wilhelminian Style
  • Luxurious apartments for wealthy people

Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

  • Charlottenburg: (average rental price 11,67 € / m²)
  • Center of West-Berlin
  • Popular shopping mall: Kurfürstendamm (tourists and citizens)
  • Famous places: Bahnhof Zoo, Gedächtniskirche, fairground
  • Mix of old-established Berlin citizens and new Berlin citizens
  • Berlin’s Chinatown in Kantstraße is famous for its exotic products and restaurants
  • Wilmersdorf: (average rental price 12,25 € / m²)
  • Very green district, Forst Grunewald (forest) is nearly the half of this district
  • Noble residential area, the property prices are very high
  • Old buildings in Wilhelminian style, urban villas and single-family houses
  • Rich single people with dogs live here (called “Wilmersdorfer Witwen”)

Berlin Spandau (average rental price 10 € / m²)

  • Divided from the rest of Berlin (river “Havel”)
  • People who live there call themselves “Spandauer”, not “Berliner”
  • Historic city “Kork” is older than Berlin
  • Famous for its little shops, restaurants and stores
  • The shopping mall in Spandau is the biggest pedestrian area in Berlin
  • One of the oldest buildings is the “Spandauer Zitadelle” which attracts tourists
  • Area for local recreation (forest and lakes)

Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf

  • Divided in Steglitz and Zehlendorf
  • Steglitz: (average rental price 10,34 € / m²)
  • Upper civil part of Berlin with culture and shopping facilities
  • The cultural mix of this district attracts families with children and pensioners
  • The area is great for students (near university FU Dahlem)
  • Here you can find different kinds of houses: single-family houses, villas, old buildings and projects
  • The rents of apartments are high
  • Zehlendorf: (average rental price 12 € / m²)
  • South-west area of Berlin
  • Quiet area with a very high quality of living
  • Here you can find the most expensive apartments and houses outside central Berlin because of the lakes (Wannsee and Schlachtensee) and the forest
  • Mostly urban villas and single-family houses with big properties
  • Anglophone people live here because Zehlendorf was part of the American zone after World War II; so you can find many American schools in this district
  • Also popular with politicians and noble/ prominent people
  • Near university FU Dahlem; famous sight: Botanischer Garten of FU Dahlem

Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg

  • Divided in Tempelhof und Schöneberg
  • Schöneberg: (average rental price 11,90 € / m²)
  • District with a lot of diversities and contrasts (many nationalities and lifestyles)
  • Mixture of pulsating nightlife, quiet living and nature
  • Central location and infrastructure that allows to visit other districts of Berlin easily
  • Child-friendly with a lot of playgrounds for children
  • Perfect district for families with children
  • Important sight: “Rathaus Schöneberg”
  • Tempelhof: (average rental price 8,80 € / m²)
  • Quiet, civil district of Berlin
  • Famous for its former airport “Tempelhof” where a lot of events take place nowadays
  • Typical for Tempelhof are little multi-family houses, single-family houses and industry-buildings
  • Here you can also find old buildings in quiet, natural areas which are much cheaper than in other districts of Berlin
  • No place for cultural and gastronomic qualities, but a high quality of living because of park (Mariendorf) and green areas

Berlin Neukölln (average rental price 10,18 € / m²)

  • Many old buildings, much cheaper than in other districts of Berlin, but the toilets are often outside the apartments
  • The district “Neukölln” has a negative reputation, but the citizens of this area try to improve their quality of living with different projects
  • Neukölln is in change: from negative image to trendy district; some parts of Neukölln (e.g. “Kreuzkölln”) finished the change: many cafes, shops and restaurants were located here which made citizens move from Berlin Mitte to Berlin Neukölln
  • Mixture of more than 160 nationalities, students, younger and older families that try to live together peacefully
  • The style of this district can be described as suburban and rural

Berlin Treptow-Köpenick

  • Divided in Treptow and Köpenick
  • Treptow: (average rental price 9,30 € / m²)
  • This district is in change from an industrial area to an area with office buildings (“Treptowers”)
  • Famous for one of the highest office buildings (“Treptowers”) and a sculpture called “Molecule Man” in front of the “Treptowers”
  • Natural areas: Treptower Park and Plänterwald
  • Treptower Hafen (harbor): place for sightseeing-ships
  • Ideal area for workers: offices and “Technologiepark”
  • Köpenick: (average rental price 9,10 € / m²)
  • Very natural district with a lot of lakes and forests (more than 70% of this district) -        Placid and quiet living in a provincial atmosphere
  • The buildings in this district were redeveloped during the last years to save the beautiful cityscape
  • Köpenick is the biggest part of Berlin with the fewest inhabitants
  • Here you can find the biggest lake (Müggelsee), the largest forest (Köpenicker Forst) and the highest hills of Berlin (Müggelberge)
  • Famous for ship-trips on the Müggelsee

Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf

  • Divided in Marzahn and Hellersdorf
  • Marzahn: (average rental price 6,85 € / m²)
  • Typical for Marzahn is the “Plattenbau” which can be described as an industrial multi-family building that was constructed in the German Democratic republic; these buildings were usually grey or brown, but since the reunification they were painted in several colours to make the cityscape more attractive
  • Landmark of Marzahn is the “Bockwindmühle” and the recreation-park Marzahn
  • Very interesting for tourists is biggest Chinese garden in Germany which is called the “Garten des wiedergewonnenen Mondes”
  • “Eastgate” is the biggest shopping center in West-Berlin
  • Many green, natural places
  • Hellersdorf: (average rental price 7,10 € / m²)
  • Like Marzahn: many buildings called “Plattenbau”
  • Large area for single-family houses
  • Located in a very green and natural area surrounded by different lakes
  • Center of Hellersdorf is full of cafes, restaurants and shops
  • Pedestrian zone in the middle of the “Plattenbauten”

Berlin Lichtenberg

  • Divided in Lichtenberg and Hohenschönhausen
  • Lichtenberg: (average rental price 9,67 € / m²)
  • Big area with “Plattenbau”; role model for Berlin Marzahn and Berlin Hohenschönhausen
  • “Plattenbau” is surrounded by green parks
  • Most attractive neighborhood in East-Berlin is the area Karlshorst which is full of urban villas
  • Important sights: trotting course in Karlshorst and zoo Friedrichsfelde
  • Cultural and historical sight: memorial place of the Ministry of State Security -        District is said to be right-wing extremist, but not many citizens of this district vote for the extreme right
  • Hohenschönhausen: (average rental price 8,70 € / m²)
  • Versatile district: on the one hand “Plattenbau” along the Falkenberger Chaussee and one the other hand great villas near to Orakensee
  • Young part of the city which developed in the 1980s
  • Place for modern art
  • Historical sight: memorial place of the Ministry of State Security
  • Sports panel with stadium, indoor swimming bath and ice stadium is great for free time and makes this area important for the Olympics
  • Nature park Barnim and wildlife reserve

Berlin-Reinickendorf (average rental price 9,90 € / m²)

  • Located in the north-west of Berlin
  • This district is full of contrasts: Silence near the Tegeler Forst and noise annoyance because of the airport Tegel
  • Urban villas and also skyscrapers (Märkisches Viertel)
  • Europe’s biggest buddhistic sanctuary is located here
  • Natural sight: oldest tree of Berlin which is called “Dicke Marie”
  • Oldest skyscraper of Berlin: “Borsigturm” (65m)
  • Very important industrial area of Berlin, so a lot of industrial workers live her

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