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New Regulation on Rental Law in Buenos Aires

On August 24th a new regulation, that modifies the rental law, was approved in the legislature of Buenos Aires City. According to this new law real estate fees should not be afforded by the tenant and the owner must pay them.

This measure should have a major impact on the first payments upon signing a lease, because there will be less costs for the tenant and additional costs for the owner.

The rule is not promulgated yet and is estimated to be in a few days. It only applies to lease contracts in the Buenos Aires City exclusively. Since this regulation has just come up, it is not clear yet, what impact it will have on the market or on rental prices. It could be that the rental prices will raise so that the owners get their fee back through the monthly rents. But this is just a possible consequence, real consequences will be seen once the change has been active for several months.

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